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At some point in time, you may have had to ask yourself this question, “Should I hire an accountant or file my taxes myself?” In most cases, the answer to your question will depend on your financial situation and the complexity involved. For most business owners, income and expenditure transactions are usually lengthy procedures that are complicated to comprehend.

However, regardless of whether you run a small or mid-sized business, as a beginner, it can be stressful to file your income tax returns, especially if you do not understand some of the terminology used. You may also need to submit a list of documents when filing taxes which often require expert assistance. As a result, considering the services of an accountant is vital.

Similarly, if you have experienced a significant change in your income, purchased a house for the first time, or have questions on how to handle investment income, you can benefit from working with a tax preparer.

As certified public accountants in Olney, MD, Hass & Company has seen many instances where businesses and individuals fail to understand the complexities associated with their tax preparations. In an attempt to save a few dollars, they decide to handle their taxes themselves, which often leads to mistakes, miscalculations, and eventually problems with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS).

Common tax mistakes people make

1. Not attaching valid receipts.

2. Not paying taxes on time.

3. Not claiming eligible expenses and vice versa.

4. Believing mistakes can be sorted after filing.

How we help

At Hass & Company, we specialize in the preparation of individual and business tax returns. The assistance we provide comes from years of advanced training, technical experience, and financial acumen.

As an outstanding accounting firm in Olney, MD, our goal is to help you prepare your taxes in advance to fulfill your annual tax filing requirements on time. We teach you the best practices to maintain your receipts and record your expenses, so you have the necessary details.

At the same time, we treat every client relationship as a partnership. We are committed to providing close, personal attention to your needs and ensure all your tax-related questions are answered and doubts are cleared.

To book a consultation with our tax accountants, give us a call at  (301) 520-8469, or get in touch with us here. For estimates on our prices for your specific needs, feel free to call us or email us at To learn all about our services, please click here